Young Minds Childcare | Singapore Woodlands Childcare
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Parents’ Testimonials


“Teacher Jasmine and Lou Laoshi have been great teachers for Kayla. She is always very motivated and happy to come home and shares her experiences with me. Her spelling has also been excellent. The amount of dedication and love for the kids that have been expressed by these two teachers has been great.


Thank you for always taking time to look out for Kayla and keeping me informed. Appreciate the hard work and love for Kayla and her friends.”


“Our daughter, Vjera, has been with Young Minds since she was 2 years old. We are so happy with how this school welcomed us, and how they care for my daughter. She is becoming more confident and learning each day. Teachers are very friendly and responsive to parents’ queries.


Young Minds is a wonderful platform for children to develop their love of learning and exploration of the world around them.”

Sports & activities

Children have daily morning exercises and outdoor play activities. Water play, neighbourhood walks, playground time and bubble play are part of their outdoor fun.

Language & Literacy

Young Minds offers bilingual education for the children where they can immerse and learn through purposeful activities.

Social and Emotional

Caring educators in Young Minds nurture the children’s learning in a safe and conducive environment, bringing their potential to greater heights.

Fun and Enriching

Events, celebrations and excursions add vibrancy to their daily dose of learning, making their learning journey more experiential and creating joy and fond memories of their childhood.

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